Elnaz Paliz


This is Elnaz. I was born at 1989 , I am the youngest member of my family, and I have loved cosmetics since childhood; and I have been, in my imagination, the world’s best makeup artist for my dolls.
I have been a project manager, a translator, and a contract manager, but, to me, the most valuable of all these was the time when I was a teacher, and used to teach children. Now I am here to share again with you whatsoever I have learned so far, because:
In my opinion, using makeup and looking decent is neither a job nor a skill. It is a kind of special and intense interest and self-respect which is accompanied by art and gives us good feelings along with self-confidence.
I try to learn new methods of makeup use and skincare every day, and teach it to the others in a simple language

I took makeup, color and skin care courses in Iran and additional courses abroad under the supervision of professors in these fields, such as:
james vincent and valentyna Lelyukh and Ido Raphael and Matyla Bojda

and my motto is that everyone can be their own makeup artist. So, I hope you to be with me in this adventure that I have started.